Teen Yaari Katha
Tale of Three Friends

Teen Yaari Katha is an entertaining comedy with a heart, that takes you on a laugh riot, laced with typical boy-humour in its unadulterated glory, while still being rooted in the harsh reality checks of real-world challenges.

Directors Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha not only display admirable guts to select an unconventional theme for ‘Teen Yaari Katha’, but they also see to it that the movie turns out to be a really memorable affair. All the young actors have come a long way since ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ and each of them have become eminent Tollywood stars, but there were enough sparks in their performances in this movie to identify the immense acting prowess they had even at that early stage of their respective careers. As they rightly say, morning shows the day! ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ was made in 2006, but movie-lovers had to wait till 2012 to catch the movie in cinemas. The all-round, fantastic nature of ‘Teen Yaari Katha’ proves one thing however – some good things in life are certainly worth the wait!
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