Mad Max: Fury Road

"What a lovely day." In a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, two rebels just might be able to restore order: Max, a man of action and of few words, and Furiosa, a woman of action who is looking to make it back to her childhood homeland.

'Mad Max: Fury Road' is the 4th installment in mastermind, George Miller's insane post apocalyptic journey. Starring Charlize Theron (Monster, Hancock) Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy) and (Hugh Kaeys-Byrn) as the movies villain Immortan Joe.Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is assigned to a mission. The mission is to drive the war rig and go through to the next town and siphon gasoline. Furiosa ends up double crossing Immortan Joe and stealing his 5 wives to take them back to her homeland where they can be safe. Along side her is Max, a man of action and very few words. Together they must fight trough hordes of enemies in what is basically a 2 hour long, high speed chase.I have been waiting since I heard about the green lighting of this movie back in 2009. I have been waiting for almost 6 years for this thing. My hype was high, I wasn't sure it would live up to my expectations. Well I am here to tell you that it did. It lived up to the hype, AND THEN SOME. This movie is absolutely, 1000% insane. What you saw in the trailers wasn't even close to the level of crazy that goes down in this movie. You know this movie is pretty much just all out, balls to the wall action, so if you think the trailers maybe showed off a little too much. You couldn't be more wrong.The stunt work is choreographed and directed to perfection, it is the most well crafted and stunning movie I've ever seen and will probably ever see, which is kind of the norm and what to expect with a George Miller movie. There's explosions going off everywhere, cars blowing up left, right and center, people being killed and blown to shreds. But none of it is convoluted, it all streams together perfectly, you know what is happening, when it happens. The fact that pretty much 90% of this movie is all practical effects and all stunt work is mind blowing. The cars that explode, that's happening. People bouncing from one side to the other on long poles at 60mph, picking people up and flying then back across, that's going down, too. Too many blockbusters these days are filled with CGI. And even with limitless amounts of stuff you can do with all of that. NONE of it even is even comparable to the action in this movie. The crap that goes down here, other movies couldn't even dream to aspire towards such a spectacle.People complain that there's not much of a story, they wanted more. Well I gotta tell you, the story is just what it needs. For something to be great it doesn't need to be a vibrant cohesive piece of art. The story is very simple, and the simplicity of it is what makes it great. There's enough story to keep you paying attention to it and not just going in for explosions. Not to mention that It's not driven through its narrative or its dialog. It's driven by its characters and its action. To which people also said they were underdeveloped and weren't written very well, from my stand point they absolutely were.The character of Nux (Nicholas Hoult) was developed amazingly well, I didn't really expect to see much from him but he really became his own in this movie. He was developed enough to make you care, he was written to be understandable in his actions and he was by far, for me, one of the best things about the movie. Furiosa was also developed just enough to make you feel something for her character. She's one of the only good left in a world full of bad. What Miller does in this movie is make characters that not only do you are for but are also incredibly likable and super bad ass. Max wasn't developed as much as some of the others but let's face it. If you've watched the older ones (which I recommend you do) There really isn't much to him. He's a man that's had everything taken from him and he has nothing left to lose. All he wants is to be left in peace. That's all he's every been and that's all he wants to carry on being.What I also love about this movie is that the lead character is a woman. Hollywood these days are always depicting women who need a man take care of them. That they can't live without men. That is DEFINITELY not the case with this movie. Furiosa is fierce, she's skilled, she's unpredictable and she's all out bad ass. This is a testosterone filled movie but it's not the testosterone that takes charge.Action movies these days aren't normally as good as one of the reasons being is that the hero is never really in any really danger. If he's never in danger or near death how can you possible expect to have your audience on the edge of their seats. Pondering what if the inevitable happened. Max was in peril SO MANY TIMES in this film. There was at least 10 times where I thought "this is the end, he's going to die" then he miraculously gets out of it. But it's not the cliché type when someone luckily comes along at the last moment and saves him. Believe me there aren't many, if any clichés in this movie. He fights his way out of these death defying situations. Furiosa out other lead is also in life...
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