Manjhi: The Mountain Man

"The Man Who Broke A Mountain For Love" Using only a hammer and a chisel, a man spends twenty-two years carving a road through a treacherous mountain.

I became a big fan of Irffan Khan after watching "Paan Singh Tomar" and got a perception that only Irfaan Khan's power performance can transform local heroes into reel life characters..But, here is a new star .. "Nawaazudin". He has left Irfaan Khan way behind by his performance. The film is based on the real story of "Dasrath Ram manjhi" . I feel bad for the movie that it got leaked on the Internet.Not only the lead actor, but the whole cast has done some exemplary work. Ketan Mehta's direction is edge-cutting. Go spend some time and watch this movie to know our local hero " Mr. Maanjhi".
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