Rakhta Charitra
"A History of Blood" - US (original title)

Rakta Charitra is a biographical tale of Paritala Ravi from Andhra Pradesh, a prime accused in a number of murder cases...

Last movie of rgv i viewed in a theater was Aag. I have never expected this to b like the way it is. It has no unnecessary scenes no stupid dialogs and every one in the movie has been their best in their roles.... although the best 1 being of Bhukha. There are nice & unexpected scenes in the movie which made the movie more interesting. The first half killed almost 75% of the villains so i thought there would not be much in the second half but vivek transforming into a politician and using white ways to kill the Gundas made the movie 1 of the best 1 for rgv. It contains a lot of Blooody scenes, so i ask them who never liked movies like Saw or Wrong Turn don't go u may not like this one. "Topic is over"
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