The Immortal Eleven

The Bengali movie Egaro brings back the memory of legendary match between Mohun Bagan and East Yorkshire Regiment for the IFA Shield. Football has rarely been a subject in Bengali cinema though it is the true-blooded Bengaliís favourite game where players are living icons holding a special place in their minds. Saheb, Mohunbaganer Meye and Dhonni Meye. Egaro, are just three films on association football. Egaro celebrates the centenary of the historical football match between Mohun Bagan and East Yorkshire Regiment for the IFA Shield where Mohun Bagan snatched the shield on 29th July 1911 during a time when India was under British rule.

Egaro is a sports film where reality has been cocktailed with elements of fiction. This makes the film more entertaining and exciting, filled with moments of suspense, hilarity, drama and a bit of romance thrown in delicately between Abhilash and Bina and the one-sided attraction his British colleague, the beautiful Elina feels towards her colleague Sudhir. Her reactions on the field where she sits on the British side and when Mohun Bagan scores each goal, she begins to fan herself rapidly to express her joy. The reactions of the audience provide a wonderful sense of relief and bonhomie and solidarity and patriotism bonded as one. Though three of the eight players are professional football players, their acting is beyond par and one cannot make the difference between the actors and the players. The cameos are wonderfully portrayed by renowned actors of Bengali cinema, theatre and television. The revolutionary segment is a bit overdrawn and dramatic at times. The tremendous violence by the police who kill revolutionary Satyenís grandfather in prison could have been cut out. The flames of his pyre arousing flames of anger within his granddaughter Bina is a powerful touch.
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