Arjun Kalimpong E Sitaharan

Arjun is a sleuth cum science fiction character of Jalpaiguri created by famous Bengali writer Samaresh Majumdar for young children.[3] He wrote many stories in the Arjun series, namely Arjun Ebaar Kolkata-e, Arjun Beriye Elo, and many more. This film is the first of the Arjun series based on Sitaharan Rahasya and Khunkharapi.[1] In the film, Arjun (Om) is seen solving a case with the help of his mentor and guide, Amol Shome (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) in Kalimpong. He is portrayed as a Gen X sleuth who doesn't own a mobile phone but can be seen riding a bike.[4] Sita is a teenager, who is on the verge of adulthood. She was born and brought up in the U.S. and has been brought to Kalimpong as a preventive step of her father, who wants to keep her away from her boyfriend, whom he thinks to be a bad influence for her. She is looked after by her grandmother Neelam. Her father is afraid of an attack from goons who think that the masters plan of a monastery is hidden somewhere in his house. But later on, matters really get serious and deep because everyone seems to be involved in a kind of conspiracy and treachery.[5]

Arjun's USP lies elsewhere. He is young and is not a detective by profession. Working closely with Amol Shome ( Sabyasachi Chakraborty) inspires him to take on more such adventures. Also, he is not Kolkata-based. Arjun is a small-town guy who works under constraints. He is neither aged nor mature, but has an athletic body and a sharp mind. He is bound to appeal to the youth.
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