Open Tee Bioscope

A rusticated boy in his adolescence comes to stay with his mother in North Kolkata and encounters some new experiences during his stay. The time-line of the story is in the 90's typical Northern part of Kolkata.

Open TEE Bioscope is more than just a film, it is a reminiscence of the good old bygone days. If you are a Bengali, more specifically a person who has grew in the 70's or 80's kolkata, brace yourself for a joyride down the memory lane.Football, first love, friendship, adda ; the movie has successfully depicted every possible aspect that probably had kept you occupied in your adolescences.And as for the music, be it the romantic one 'tor jonyo' or the Band single 'Pagla khabi ki', all of them goes so smooth with the story line you won't feel the length of the movie for a moment. Coming to the story, a boy in his adolescence comes back to his house in north Kolkata being rusticated from his boarding school; then the story revolves around friendship, first love, banter with mom and of course, football. There is some hitches which may seem unrealistic in a world of today or in the 70's. But that's not the point of the movie, director Anindya in his first venture tried to depict the 'bangaliyana' of kolkata, and he did a fine job. As the saying goes, live long "sholo ana bangaliyana" .
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