Roga Howar Sohoj Upay

Ranjana becomes fat and she things that her husband will not love her anymore.

It's rather hard to describe this film. It plays out like a comedy and a thriller but is a psychological drama. Parodies of popular Bengali films and ads abound. The concept is rather different and will take some time to sink in. Animated sequences are liberally used along with real ones. Some of it is downright silly or hilarious. But the film keeps you guessing till the end. It has a very contemporary issue at its heart-the culture of judging people by their weight and always feeling somehow incomplete till you've reached that elusive supermodel body. Subconsciously, we as a society and as individuals are always pressurizing ourselves and others needlessly to achieve that perfect weight. In the process we forget to think of a person as an individual with unique qualities that make them so different from others. The films take on this is serious and funny and a little scary all together. Acting is good, but Raima could have done better maybe. This is not a movie to watch with subtitles. It is too mired in the Bong culture that we grew up with and one needs the background to appreciate or follow a lot of the dialogues and puns. Kudos to the team for such a different film.
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