Year: 2015
Category: Thriller
Country: India
Length: 0 min.
Director: Debarati Gupta
Starring: ... (Click for All)
"It takes two to make a war" The film delineate a striking clash of ego between two brilliant minds that pans out dramatically when...

Quite brilliantly directed by rather amateur director Debarati Gupta, it is surely an unorthodox movie in Bengali, but the most attraction is on Bratya Basu the lead actor on this film, and probably it is his first full time acting on a conventional movie, he did it almost perfectly by the demand of the character imposed, he is indeed a wonderful actor beside his political career. Simply to conclude this movie is a good one and I'll certainly recommend you to watch even with its slight flaw in the first half, but notwithstanding anything this movie worth watching, you'll not regret. I gave it 9/10 to give a push, because its a Bengali movie and its seemingly thriving to the international level but the film fairly deserve 7.9/10 from me.
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