An experienced investigator confronts several conflicting theories about the perpetrators of a violent double homicide.

The 2008 murder of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj Banjade and the subsequent investigations, of which Guilty/Talvar is the fictionalized account, are complex, with multiple official points of view, compromised evidence, and of course breathless media accounts with unnamed sources, rumours and innuendo. The views on this case are polarized and often hardened, so how to make a movie about it? Vishal Bhardwaj and Meghna Guzzal took the time to scrupulously research the case, and present a Rashomon-like telling of the story with multiple viewpoints, allowing the viewer to conclude which case is most compelling.The acting is superb, and despite the many details, the editing it tight so that the movie is gripping from start to finish. Highly recommended.For those who want to go deeper into the case, and into the trial that followed (which isn't covered in the movie), Avirook Sen's 2015 book "Aarushi" is detailed deconstruction of the case.
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