Two blundering terrorists with lofty ideologies, but ordinary talent, on a mission to change the world.

Director does not know his craft for sure. There is not a single scene where you can appreciate his work, rather he drags scenes so it comes as slap than slapstick. Writers had a good idea but execution and development are really not worthy. Like teli shopping style of arms showcasing could have been funny but due to exaggeration is comes flat then turns into irritation. This film is full of exaggeration, rather use of Saffron or Green color or the parallel cuts. First of all, main plot of interchanging religion is totally illogical. When every religion is sending there representative in a religious world conference, which is ridiculously without any security protection, according to makers, then why did their master send their respective person with religion change!? Selected person are so stupid that even being on a bomb planting mission they agree to almost share a duplex type of flat which has unbelievably hole in the roof. Creative team are like aliens, who does not know the basic possibility because they are not ready to find some interesting things so they always take the most convenient childish solution for everything. They insert scene where pigeon carries a letter. Which era they belong to!? Motel owner clearly mentioned that no animal is allowed but person takes that animal for a walk!? Why would any stranger go to other person flat to keep the animal because their society does not allow it!? The Poland Police is so na´ve that they can't find anything suspicious and searches in idiotic way. I am unable to understand that why such type of country give makers subsidy to show them stupid. Pre climax is most irritating and climax is above all frustrating. Performance wise Ritesh Deshmukh is miscast. He is an undoubtly a good actor and deserves better script. Pulkit Samrat is perfectly fit, as his unbalanced acting perfectly fits this flick. One thing is sure, you can't stop yourself laughing when he cries. Chandan Roy Sanyal, Akash Dabhade, Kumud Mishra are good actors but without scope. Music by Ram Sampat is good. Lyrics by Puneet Krishna, are heavy but fit in the film.
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