"A story you wish were true" A disgraced Indian soldier carries out a series of assassinations in the hope of restoring his honour.

Extremely surprised to see low ratings. This film had everything that can keep you tied to your seat. Unlike other Bollywood movies it had no unnecessary songs or romance. It looked so natural. The direction is superb and well make up is also excellent. All actors played very well except the one who was with Indian navy at the end of the scene, the RAW agent. He was over acting though it is not his fault but patriotism is not told it is felt within and should be visible on face. Overall I would have rated 8.5 but as many had rated below 5, I had to give it 10 else it wont do justice to that film. The army part of Saif could have been avoided and he could have been RAW agent from the beginning. Any ways it is a must watch film at least for Indians. Buy a pop corn and a cola before you start watching.
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