PRINCE It's Showtime ... Nothing and No One Can Be Trusted..... One of the savviest thieves in the world commits the biggest heist of his life... Are you ready for some Hollywood ishtyle action? And are you prepared to watch some sizzling Bollywood beach babes in Bikini? Then here is an action movie that has all . ‘Prince’ stars Vivek Oberoi and Nandana Sen in the lead. Directed by Kookie V Gulati, the film is an action thriller about a world-famous thief.

Yes, you heard it right. I was expecting this to be a ridiculous B movie with loads of cheesy one liners, stunts galore and humongous dose of eye candy. It delivers on all fronts. several reviewers before me were disappointed cause this was not "good". All I can say is come to your senses man. Kudos to Mr Gulati. Hope you get to make the sequel promised at the end. Vivek Oberoi is dead serious in his lead role. The main villain does a good job of being totally over the top and is a nice caricature. Nandana Dev Sen is great as one of the most bad ass villainesses in recent memory. Aruna Shields is better than the over hyped Ms Kaif and is really credible as the action heroine. The other lady is nice too. Nice to see veterans like Sanjay Kapoor and Dilip Tahil hamming it up to the hilt. However, the climax was bit of a letdown. Anyway, I hope the director keeps up his great work. I sure want more.
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