Devastated to learn that their only child, a son, has been killed by muggers in New York City, former Headmaster B.B...

Well,I saw this movie late last night,and I must say I wouldn't have seen a better movie.Mahesh Bhatt had set a standard for him in the 80s to be the I-don't-care-a-damn-about-the-commercial-success director.And he practiced what he preached unlike many others.This movie is a perfect example.Not only was Saraansh India's official entry to the Academy Awards that year,but it also marked the beginning of one of India's most able actors till date-Anupam Kher.He's as good as it can get in this flick.The movie's realistic portrayal of the Indian society deserves a standing applause and the performances were just the icing on the cake.Rohini Hattangidy shines as she always has.Mahesh Bhatt has proved time and time again that this country would always miss his trademark movies for decades to come now.
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